Carlingford Library

Louth County Council

Newry Street, Carlingford, Co. Louth

In 2008, Carlingford Court House was decommissioned and became the location for a new branch of the Local Authority Library network.

The building was also designated as a protected structure given its art deco architecture and cultural importance.

Working with the building and a number of government departments, the design solution took some time to emerge. The requirement for a 200m² library necessitated a large extension to the rear made more difficult given the steeply sloping nature of the site and the presence of numerous historic buildings surrounding the site.

The proposal seeks to maintain the essence of the courthouse by retaining the judges benches and entrance vestibule. An extension to the rear over two stories connects the court room to the main section of the library and on to an enclosed west facing sensory garden.

The project received planning in 2011 and remains on hold until funds / departmental approval become available.