Blackrock Pharmacy

Brian McQuillan

Blackrock, Co. Louth

Broomfield Construction

An existing pharmacy and associated dwelling occupied the site however both parts of the building were too small to cater for the requirements of a busy local Pharmacy and a growing family. Our client’s decision was to invest in the construction of a new shop and series of paramedical suites with their residential accommodation requirements to be sought elsewhere.

The design brief was to provide adequate retail area and five leasable suites suitable for associated medical practitioners.

The building was going to be a significant addition to the existing streetscape along the shorefront in Blackrock with several design solutions being studied and explored before the final proposal was agreed upon.

The design seeks to take indicators from adjacent buildings in terms of height and appearance. The facade is made up of two separate planes allowing the upper levels to be stepped back and reducing the visual impact at street level and also alleviating the potential of an imposing three story intervention.